My name is Celia and I would like to introduce you to my website, along with my journey with ORBS and BEYOND. A first realization of the energies that exist around us came when I was a child. I felt different then everyone else. In all my photos, I noticed I was the only family member with distortions around me. Moving ahead decades later, I came to learn and understand more about these different energies and what they represent to me. My Dad was my teacher who always taught me to look beyond my small world, following his sage advice, ORBS became my first realized encounter.

Here are just a few of the multitude of ORBS pictures I have taken over the years:








This was taken while I was at Round Valley Resovoir in Lebanon, NJ. After a blizzard like snowfall on New Years day in 2001, I wanted to hike before other people invaded the peacefulness that becomes the world after a snowfall. While walking I sang Amazing Grace and took photos of the beautiful pristine snowscape. This blue ORB showed up in the photos.

This next photo was taken at the Crystal Skull Conference in Lake Champlaine, Vermont. Look closely into the ORB and you can see a “Being” present.

If you would like to see more of my ORB pictures plus much more please adventure into my realm.